E-Sports Integrity Coalition Guarantees to Clean Up Competitive Gaming

E-Sports Integrity Coalition Guarantees to Clean Up Competitive Gaming

Lee Seung Hyun, a former starcraft ii world champion, who was simply arrested for match-fixing earlier this year.

The E-sports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) launched in the UK this week, an industry that is non-profit with one dedicated mission: keeping E-sports clean.

ESIC said it aims to become recognized ‘the guardian of the integrity of E-Sports,’ with an emphasis that is particular cheating, match-fixing and gray market gambling in competitive games.

‘The Coalition will need duty for many forms of the process, including drawing up rules, investigating breaches and then prosecuting people who flout them, while additionally attempting to prevent such instances arising in the beginning,’ explained ESIC in a press release.

‘To this end, ESIC is working together with key stakeholders in the E-Sports community, from developers, writers and players to broadcasters, betting associations and league owners, generate a vision that is unified what the rules should be, and how they ought to be implemented.’

E-Sports Scandals

The development of this group is timely. As we reported yesterday, E-Sports finds it self in the midst of another scandal, as two prominent YouTubers are accused of failing to disclose the ownership of a Counter-Strike: worldwide Offensive skins gambling site that they regularly promoted to their millions of viewers.

CS: GO gambling sites themselves are criticized for allegedly facilitating un Continue reading “E-Sports Integrity Coalition Guarantees to Clean Up Competitive Gaming”