Getting Him to Propose By Reading Their Mind

Getting Him to Propose By Reading Their Mind

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6 ideas on “How to have Him to Propose By Reading their Mind”

My gf stated she doesn’t plan on getting married ever… therefore i told her I wouldn’t ever push her for wedding or propose so if she changes her head she can propose if you ask me. Now she appears interested in wedding… :p

Where’s the mind-reading part?

I’ve been with my BF for nearly 7 years. He’s the guy that is first dated so i guess I happened to be niaeve as soon as we began dated. He had been a BF that is horrible the very first 2-3 years. We split up i started to see it with him as. He previously a few life changes, grew up, apologised when it comes to years he had been terrible in my opinion and stated he’d spend the res of his life rendering it as much as me personally. Therefore I dated him once again.

I’m scared i’m being stupid once again but personally I think chances are he must have proposed. All their friends keep asking him, mine keep asking me personally and all I will say is we’ll get hitched whenever we’re prepared. I’ve spoken to him on how personally I think, he tells me he’s not going to be pressured and he’s no where near ready and won’t be he can buy us a house and take care of me until he feels. Continue reading “Getting Him to Propose By Reading Their Mind”