I’d like to inform about My sneaky ‘blue ticks trick’

I’d like to inform about My sneaky ‘blue ticks trick’

Directly to company!

Then your crush will see the blue check marks when you’ve read her message if you have your read receipts turned on.

Wouldn’t it is amazing if there is a method to see whenever she checks out YOUR communications WITHOUT her seeing whenever you read HER messages?

Well, my dear bro, that method exists.

And here’s how you will do it:

  • Ensure that your discussion together with her is certainly not exposed. When you yourself have WhatsApp operating into the history make certain you’re within the communications tab
  • Once you see that you will get a text message, place your phone on airplane mode.
  • Now open the discussion and read her communications.
  • Complete reading? Keep the discussion and return to the overview with all the current chats.
  • As soon as right right right back within the overview, you turn airplane mode down again.

Bang bang! You simply read her communications without her knowing. Continue reading “I’d like to inform about My sneaky ‘blue ticks trick’”