4 intercourse situations that may cause damage, based on specialists

4 intercourse situations that may cause damage, based on specialists

Just like any real activity that involves a quantity of moving components and a respectable amount of coordination, accidents during intercourse sometimes happens. In reality, some positions that are sexual more prone to cause damage than the others.

INSIDER spoke with physicians and intercourse professionals to understand exactly what positions that are sexual the riskiest and what can be done to stop damage.

Female-on-top roles could cause something called “eggplant deformity”

Intimate jobs where in actuality the penetrative partner is in the base (lying on their back) and also the obtaining partner is on the top can lead www.chaturbatewebcams.com/college-girls to a scary-sounding injury called penile break or “eggplant deformity.”

“the most frequent male sexual injury we come across is ‘penile break.’ This occurs once the girl is over the top — e.g. Reverse or cowgirl Cowgirl. The penis can hit against the pubic bone in the woman, causing the penis to forcefully snap,” board-certified urologist and female pelvic medicine specialist Dr. Michael Ingber , told INSIDER with rough sex.

This disorder is recognized as “eggplant deformity” since the attendant bruising and swelling causes your penis to resemble an eggplant. Penile break is really a medical emergency and warrants a sudden visit to a healthcare facility.

Positions involving a fitness ball are specially dangerous

Including props or toys to a intimate encounter can keep things exciting, but tossing an exercise ball into the mix could trigger damage. Continue reading “4 intercourse situations that may cause damage, based on specialists”