Can it be far too late to buy cash advance in Indonesia?

Can it be far too late to buy cash advance in Indonesia?

End of this past year we had written about Chinese cash advance organizations Indonesia that is entering market.

You almost certainly understand the form of numerous Chinese businesses – they prize rate and aggressiveness, while the current presumption had been: enough time window was restricted, as soon as possible leading organizations will emerge, making no space for late comers.

Good growth certainly

Top Chinese pay day loan apps now deliver significantly more than 10,000 loans each day, mostly from perform clients. The stickiness of clients is undoubtedly a good indication for the firms. Additionally it is well well well well worth noting that numerous of this loan that is top in Asia aren’t doing even more than this quantity.

UangTeman, on of these top competitors, can be rumoured to stay the entire process of increasing a round that is big. Another rumour this is certainly in the marketplace is Ant Financial’s possible purchase of Cermati – a product that is financial solution (and much more).

How has got the landscape changed since our final article, and crucially for prospective investors, could it be far too late to join the competition?

Nevertheless space available in the market

Are these good reasons pointing towards market saturation in not too distant future? We think the clear answer isn’t any.

Recently, a VC friend called us, saying he had been perplexed by industry. “We thought the ideal solution would be to obtain clients because aggressively as you are able to,” he said. “However, it’s been over fifty percent a 12 months while the consumer purchase expense (cac) continues to be really low”.

It is a telling indication that industry isn’t yet a red ocean or an oligarchy. Continue reading “Can it be far too late to buy cash advance in Indonesia?”